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Thursday, November 17, 2005

At Least We're Not the Only Ones

At Least We're Not the Only Ones

Seems the UK used White Phosphorus, too. But only for illumination, of course.

UK troops have used white phosphorus in Iraq - but only to create smokescreens, Defence Secretary John Reid has said.

MPs are worried by the admission by US forces that they used the controversial substance in the Iraqi city of Falluja - something they had previously denied.

White phosphorus can burn flesh and some MPs say its use will hand a propaganda victory to Iraqi insurgents.

Both the US and UK Governments deny using the weapon against civilians but there are calls for a UN inquiry.

After pointing out the hypocrisy of using munitions that burn flesh to the bone in a war over chemical weapons use, an anti-war Labour MP, Alan Simpson, also suggested modifying the Geneva Conventions to prohibit its use. Bully for him!


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