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Monday, December 12, 2005

Join the Anti-Alito Brigade!

Join the Anti-Alito Brigade!

Those crazy kids over at Booman Tribune have an anti-Alito campaign to convince the Senate to reject his nomination.

There will be a series of diaries, each addressing a different issue on which Alito should not be trusted with the fate of the nation.

Please visit the diary and use the information to influence your Senators:


Today's is about his disrespect for the legislative branch and his judicial activist tendencies.

Congress had passed the law in a reasonable and deliberate fashion. A genuine practitioner of judicial restraint would have allowed them a wide enough berth to do so. Alito's colleagues did just that. But Alito used his own logic to call for its overturn, arguing that the possession of machine guns by private individuals had no economic activity associated with it, and that no real evidence existed that private possession of guns increased crime in a way that affected commerce -- and thus Congress had no right to regulate it. That kind of judicial reasoning often is referred to as reflecting the "Constitution in Exile."

Whatever it is, it's not judicial restraint.

His nomination needs to go the way of Harriet Miers'.


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