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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Needs No Embellishment

Needs No Embellishment

Some things just speak for themselves:

18 Months and Kicking and Screaming...to get an investigation into governmental responses to 9/11/01.

8 months and a (12 hour headstart) to get an investigation into who leaked the identity of an undercover agent.

1 week to start an investigation into who squealed on the President's illegal wiretapping.

Updated from 6:03 pm Dec. 31st:

I spoke too soon; in light of this story, it seems a little embellishment is in order after all. Just like Cheney's hero, stonewall is all this crew knows. Leave it to them to weave 1984 into an almost perfect re-enactment of Watergate.

Though Mr. Bush made no mention of the subject in his radio address, some of his advisers and national security officials say the White House has decided in the past two weeks to take a hard line with Congressional inquiries into Mr. Bush's secret authorization of wiretaps without warrants on suspects within the United States.

...Mr. Bush's aides and intelligence officials say they plan to refuse to offer more details in public on why they believe the technology of the program made it necessary to bypass the secret court designed to authorize wiretapping efforts inside the United States.

They are preparing to dispute vigorously and quite publicly the broader legal critique, offered by some Democrats, the American Civil Liberties Union and some Republicans, that the president acted beyond his authority as commander in chief.

Let them dispute it - shrubya builds the case against him every time he opens his mouth. He can't even stonewall properly.


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