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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Gashlyshrub Tyrants

Gashlyshrub Tyrants

still transferring things over. for today, another bedtime story post.

I'm a big fan of Edward Gorey, so when I saw a diary titled Adding Up US Failures in Iraq, from A to Z, I rather hoped to find a nice political adaptation of a Gorey tale.  It was a good diary, but I was not so lucky.

Which, of course, meant I had to go write one!

A is for Al Qaida, already forgotten  

B is for Bush, and his cronies so rotten.

C is for Cheney, who's really in charge

D is for deficit - this crew lives large!

E is for embezzlement, Enron, et al

F is for fraud, which defines this cabal.

G is for greed; corruption abounds

H is for hubris, which will bring them down.

I is for Iraq; insurgents galore

J is for Jihad; "Bring it on!" said George.

K is for Karl; he's bush's main man

L is for lying - their only gameplan.

M is for Middle East U.S. dependency

N is for neocons' kafkaesque fantasy.

O is for oil; the reason we went  

P is for Poland - lest we forget!

Q is for questions, of which there are many

R is for Rice, who can't answer any.

S is for stonewall, this admin's MO

T is for Turdblossom, who really must go.

U is for underhanded - see "smear campaign"

V is for vengefully outing Ms. Plame.

W is for White House where Bush, et al sit

X is for ??? (it's double-super secret).

Y is for Yosemite, shrubya's UN man

Z is for Zealot, the theme for this clan!

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