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Friday, October 28, 2005

Libby Indicted

Libby Indicted

5 counts:

2 for perjury
1 for obstruction of justice
2 for making false statements

He has also resigned, so as to deal with these charges from which he expects to be exonerated. Ha! Good luck with that. They knew Plame was undercover, but that's largely beside the point, as evidenced by the charges against 'ol Scooter.

The man lied. Not just once and not to one party. He lied in his answers to the FBI; he lied in his answers to the grand jury - to the tune of 4 lying-related indictments. I dub him "Lie "Scooter" Lewis Libby."

But whatever we call him, we need to make sure that he does not get a pardon for treason - no one in this country should take outing a WMD intelligence agent lightly. Please sign John Conyers' letter and tell shrubya that pardoning someone who endangered our national security interests is NOT acceptable.

And if you're feeling peevish, drop a note to Kay Bailey Hutchison and let her know you don't appreciate her cavalier dismissal of perjury charges. And don't worry - we may yet get to see Rove in gitmorange. Fitzgerald indicated that they are still investigating some things and it is clear that Rove is under the lens.


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