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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Merry Fitzmas Everybody!

Merry Fitzmas Everybody!

The reason for the season is treason, and what a Fitzmas this will be! Cheney might even retire!

A Fitzmas poem for all the kids:

The aspens are turning
liars' pants are burning
Fitzgerald is tightening the screws.

Hannah has sung,
and now Wurmser's tongue
also helps place the clues.

Chalabi and WHIG and PNAC
wanted to run the middle east
and so sought all the lies they could use.

"Saddam is a turrrist,
we'd best get him first
before he blows his fuse!"

"Iraq, 9/11, Niger yellowcake!
Aluminum tubes for mushroom clouds he'll make!"
And the media fell for the ruse.

But Wilson debunked their Niger claim
so they outed Ms. Valerie Plame
thinking the tiff would diffuse.

But Fitzgerald is tough
and he's called their bluff
and now it appears they will lose.

The White House is sweating
to them, it's upsetting
that we have heard of this news.

It seems that Bush knew
of the deeds of his crew
and Fitzgerald is dropping the shoes.

Indictments are looming
turd blossom ain't blooming
the whole group is singing the blues.

On joyous Fitzmas day
not too far away,
they'll be frogmarched away by the twos!

And, of course, no celebration would be complete without Fitzmas carols!

Fa la la la la and

Yes, that's Baghdad Judy, self-serving hack.


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