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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

God I Love Kids

God I Love Kids

A friend of mine and his daughter (she's in third grade) were over at my house today. Her eye caught a glimpse of my dubya dollar - you know, the "one deception" fake dollar bills?

She asked what it was; I explained that it was a fake dollar bill that made fun of george bush. I also pointed out the portrait, and said "doesn't he look like a little boy who didn't get what he wanted?" She then mocked him, making a pouty face and saying "meh neh nyah." I cracked up. So for a little while, it was "show us your george bush impersonation" followed by "meh neh nyah." Great fun!

Then we were in the car off on our adventure and she would just periodically pipe up with a random "meh neh nyah!" So I mustered my best stuffed suit impersonation and played along a bit:

her: meh neh nyah!

me as stuffed suit: i know you feel that way, george, but we need to talk about iran - the situation is getting worse.

her: meh neh nyah!

me/ss: well of course; i hate them too. but we need to focus right now.

her: meh neh nyah!

me/ss: that's your answer for everything, george, but this is serious. we really need to figure out what to do about iran.

her: meh neh nyah!

We both lost it right about then and laughed our asses off for a few miles. A bit later she pointed out Mt. Hood and commented that it was getting snowier and why was it so much snowier than Portland anyway? I started explaing how it's colder the higher in the sky you go and, for whatever reason, she piped up with a "meh neh nyah!" So i reverted to stuffed suit mode and said "george, i'm trying to teach you something here. please pay attention."

I have a feeling she won't be forgetting that one for a while. I also think we'll have grand fun the next time I babysit.



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