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Friday, November 04, 2005

Dirty Little Fingers

Dirty Little Fingers

in all the pork pies:

The press and the government have created a sense of urgency about protecting ourselves from the Avian Flu.

CNN tells us that, "The U.S. government has started stockpiling Tamiflu and other medicines that scientists believe might be effective against a pandemic virus."

Real experts tell us that viral mutation will render this medication worthless against this type of influenza.

The company holding the patent, Gilead, wants more Tamiflu produced faster by Roche.

Who was the Chairman of Board of Gilead until he resigned to join the Bush Administration? Who retains a large amount of pharmaceutical industry stock including Gilead's?

Donald Rumsfeld.

I guess it just wasn't fair that Cheney was getting all the profiteering action...so many plutocrats, so little time. I wonder if this impinges on the shrubCo vision of a military response to an Avian Flu outbreak:


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