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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Conyers to Hold Hearings on Illegal Spying

Conyers to Hold Hearings on Illegal Spying

Oh, I do love that man! I wish that I could vote for him. Tune in tomorrow at 11 EST to watch the proceedings.

The hearing will commence at 11 am ET, and will be broadcast live on C-SPAN, Radio Pacifica, and ABC Radio. It will also be covered by CNN, the New York Times, and many bloggers. This is particularly timely since the DOJ today issued a 42 page rant that again attempts to defend the indefensible - spying on Americans without court approval. For those in the DC area, you can see the hearing in person at B 339 Rayburn Bldg (1116 Longworth for overflow).

This is a Huge development. The fact that millions of Americans will be able to tune in and see House Democrats challenging this program will show that we don't need to simply sit on our hands while the Constitution is shredded.

We will have an excellent and bipartisan panel, including Reagan Deputy AG Bruce Fein, GWU Law Professor Jonathan Turley, spying expert and author James Bamford, peace activist Richard Hersh, ACLU DC Director Caroline Frederickson, and Kate Martin of the Center for National Security Studies.

In the meantime, enjoy yet more criticisms of shrubCo's extralegal shenanigans from conservatives in goverment.

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