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Monday, January 30, 2006

Wall of Shame

Wall of Shame

The following Senators voted in favor of cloture on the Alito nomination. A lifetime Supreme Court appointment deliberated for all of 30 hours. Disgusting.

AR - Lincoln, Pryor
CO - Salazar
CT - Lieberman
DE - Carper
FL - Nelson
HI - Akaka, Inouye
LA - Landrieu
MT - Baucus
NE - Nelson
NM - Bingaman
ND - Conrad, Dorgan
SD - Johnson
WA - Cantwell
WV - Byrd, Rockefeller
WI - Kohl

History will vindicate the filibusterers, but why wait? Keep up with the LTEs - we cannot let the media set the tone and define this narrative. And while you're at it, be sure to give Lieberman an unmistakable message by donating to Ned Lamont today.

And please give Kerry, Kennedy and the others who stood up for what's right some love. They deserve it.

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