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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Filibustering Alito

Filibustering Alito

Kerry is supporting a filibuster - Please sign his filibuster petition. And call Salazar NOW - he is taking a filibuster poll. Apparently, Ben Nelson is soliciting feedback as well. I just called Nelson's office and spoke with a delightful fellow who didn't even care that I'm out of state because he's from here! : p

I told him that extending debate on Alito's nomination is entirely appropriate given Alito's deference to presidential power in light of spygate. There is no reason not to put Alito's nomination off until we have some answeres on extralegal domestic surveillance.

Meanwhile, we need to get the word out publically in every way possible - people need to understand what they'd be getting in Alito and why a filibuster is warranted.

Here are some resources for LTE's, etc.:

a democratic staffer !@#$%& gets it!

Anti-Alito Brigade for Justice round-up

and don't forget the wisdom of Mark Crispin Miller:

"A no vote is a yes vote, unless you filibuster!"

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