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Friday, January 20, 2006

Wyden Saying "No" to Alito

Wyden Saying "No" to Alito

Three cheers for my good Senator!

“It is my conclusion that Judge Alito’s record portends a view on the power of the President that would undermine our proven and constitutionally-mandated system of checks and balances. His measurable record and answers to my questions suggest that, on the question of a woman’s right to choose, he will have an open mind only with respect to the degree to which he is willing to recognize more than three decades of precedent.

His record demonstrates a dangerous and narrow interpretation of the Commerce Clause, which could lead to results that would threaten the health and safety of all Americans. And his record of standing with large, corporate polluters who fouled our air, poisoned our waters, and then don’t want to pay for it could be disastrous for generations to come.

Ultimately, it is Judge Alito’s record that leaves me convinced that he has pre-judged many of the matters that would come before him on the court. It is with a heavy heart that I arrive at this conclusion. I believe that a President is due considerable latitude to select nominees of his or her own political party and ideology, but I will not vote to confirm a judge whom I believe incapable or unlikely to separate those personal beliefs from his constitutional obligations.”

Lots of extra Anti-Alito info over here.

[UPDATE]: He's also in for the filibuster! Show him some love!

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