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Friday, February 24, 2006

More Biased Facts

More Biased Facts

I don't think we were supposed to turn :
this corner:

BAGHDAD, Iraq, Feb. 25 — The American ambassador to Iraq said today that sectarian violence this week was a threat to the future of Iraq, and that Iraqi leaders would have to come together and compromise if they wanted to save their homeland.

...Mr. Khalilzad's comments are the most explicit acknowledgment so far by an American official of the instability of the situation. The killings and assaults across Iraq that began Wednesday have amounted to the worst sectarian violence since the American invasion.

...The threat of full-scale civil war loomed over the country as Sunni politicians lashed out at Shiite leaders on Thursday, accusing them of igniting anti-Sunni reprisals, and at the American military, charging it with standing idly by as the violence erupted. The most powerful Sunni Arab political group said it was suspending talks with Shiite and Kurdish politicians on forming a new government.

Across the country on Thursday, thousands of furious Shiites flooded the streets in a second day of protests against the bombing of the Askariya Shrine, whose signature golden dome was reduced to rubble by explosives on Wednesday morning in Sunni-dominated Samarra. The demonstrations were mostly peaceful, and much of the violence seemed to be tapering off Thursday, though armed Shiites raided several Sunni mosques in Baghdad and set fire to at least two.

Aravosis has more.


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