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Monday, February 27, 2006

Racist Rita

Racist Rita

Racist Rita, empty shill
nothing can make me watch you
when you come on, I turn the channel off

watching news, the bloviators
when I caught a glimpse of Rita
talking like a bigot on her little "news" show
With her throat she sounds much older
And the chip upon her shoulder
Made her seem a little like a hateful old shrew

Racist Rita, empty shill
may I inquire discreetly
how in the hell did you get on t.v.?

on the vote, she tried to say this:
that the dems were overt racists
because they were trying to gain the "hoodlum vote"
felons are black; Rita said it
sad thing is, I think she meant it
maybe she should go missing in Aruba, too...

Racist Rita, empty shill
too bad they didn't fire you
at least I know i'll never think like you

Ugly racist shill
Rita racist shill
oh, Racist Rita, empty, empty shill

apologies to Lennon & McCartney

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