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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

When Fundies Attack - Progressive Insurance Edition

When Fundies Attack - Progressive Insurance Edition

AFA is now encouraging a boycott of Progressive Insurance because the CEO donated to ACLU. This, of course, allows the ACLU to carry out its "anti-christmas" agenda.


The AFA is asking its supporters to drop Progressive, or send them a note saying they'll never use Progressive, because of the ACLU support. I'm not going to bless them with site hits, so I won't be posting the url here.

It's probably more effective to contact Progressive directly, anyway. So if any of you have Progressive as your insurance carrier, please thank them for their support of the ACLU. If you do not have insurance with them, maybe consider it. And if you make the switch, please tell them it's because they support ACLU.

Just for grins, though, since I was already there, I sent the note. It's pre-written text - they got wise to people disagreeing with them in their name. So for the first name I was "Wingnutasshole" and my last name was "Tobeignored."

: p


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