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Thursday, February 02, 2006



It must be awfully demoralizing to do all the hard work of speechifyin' and then have nobody watch your State of the Union address.
So we have, what 300 million people in this country? And few cared enough about this president to give him an hour.

Bush's address clocked about 8.2 million viewers on Fox, according to Nielsen stats.

That beats NBC's 8 million, ABC's and CBS's 7.7 million each, Fox News Channel's 6.5 million, CNN's 2.2 million and MSNBC's 707,000 viewers, according to the stats.

About 33 million, or just over 10 percent of the country, though those are averages and Nielsen claims 41.699 million watched at some point or another. And good thing for averages, because people tuned out

It doesn't exactly help that at least half of those viewers reacted thusly:

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